Restorations and Rescued Organs

HISTORIC PRESERVATION WORK branches off into several disciplines. The approach that does as little as possible and only what is necessary is conservation, which constitutes minimally invasive procedures that safeguard the historic fabric and context of the instrument and stabilize its condition. Renovation and repair involve bringing the organ into working order, with minor changes and improvements, even if they are departures from true conservation. Restoration returns the organ as closely as possible to its original state, or to some prior state of its history. Restoration may involve some conjectural reconstruction, which on a large scale, may involve the recreation of a console, pipework, or entire divisions based upon a careful study of other existing examples by the same builder at the same stage of their work.

From time to time, we purchase historic pipe organs that are in danger of being razed along with the structures in which they reside. Such instruments are documented and disassembled for secure storage. Please enquire about the availability of such heritage instruments, and whether one might be right for your situation. The thoughtful and professional staff at Glück New York is also available for the dismantling, moving, and re-erection of instruments.

We maintain a stock of vintage pipework of high quality that may be incorporated into new organs as well as rebuilding projects. Please call or write for details.

Professional Services

Architectural design, acoustical consultation, documentation, and other design and craftsman’s services are available. Please enquire.