OUR MAINTENANCE DIVISION provides our customers with services that include ongoing tuning and maintenance, pipe cleaning and repair, bellows releathering, console upgrades, wiring, and organ reconfiguration. Our multinational team of organbuilders has equal expertise in mechanical (“tracker”), electro-pneumatic, electric valve, and tubular-pneumatic actions.

GLÜCK'S PNEUMATIC SPECIALISTS restore complex pneumatic assemblies and their specialized components when appropriate to the project, including electropneumatic relays and percussion actions. Missing or heavily damaged actions can be replicated when suitable models exists.

INSURANCE APPRAISALS AND DISASTER ASSISTANCE SERVICES have earned us respect and trust through our meticulous replacement value calculation, damage assessment reports, and comprehensive recovery and restoration history.  Architects and contractors call upon us for encapsulation, removal, storage, reconfiguration, or relocation of pipe organs during periods of construction, renovation, or restoration.

INSTRUMENTS OF ALL SIZES, styles, and eras receive respectful care from our conscientious tuning and service personnel. Clients on our growing roster appreciate the financial benefits of individually tailored programs that keep every pipe organ operating at its best.

Let us maintain your instrument with diligence, competence, and care.