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New York Stake Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints

New York City

Voicing and tonal finishing have begun on this new organ located directly across Broadway from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and The Juilliard School of Music. Designed in consultation with Dr. Clay Christiansen, organist at the Mormon Tabernacle since 1982, this instrument is intended to lead hymn singing and accompany choral and instrumental ensembles for several Wards.

The thirteen-rank instrument speaks from a lofty position behind the rostrum of this large worship space within the New York Stake Center. While the visual design and choice of materials were dictated by the client and their architect, Frank Fernandez, the live, ringing acoustic was achieved in consultation with our Tonal Director, Sebastian M. Glück, who was involved early in the planning stages.

The pipework is of 50% tin, with the bass octaves of the larger ranks constructed of zinc. Poplar is the timber of choice for the Pedal flutes and the Swell Stopped Diapason. Haskell re-entrant tubes are used for the lowest notes of the Pedal 16' Contra Bass. The pipes speak from electropneumatic slider-and-pallet soundboards, with traditional electropneumatic pouch windchests for the duplexed and extended stops.

16' Double Gemshorn from Swell
8' Open Diapason 61
8' Chimney Flute 61
8' Gemshorn from Swell
8' Gemshorn Céleste from Swell
4' Principal 61
2' Fifteenth 61
8' Trumpet from Swell
4' Great to Great
16' Swell to Great
8' Swell to Great
4' Swell to Great
8' Gemshorn 61
8' Gemshorn Céleste 49
8' Stopped Diapason 61
4' Gemshorn 12
4' Spindle Flute 61
2-2/3' Nazard 61
2' Recorder 61
1-3/5' Tierce 61
16' Trumpet Bass 12
8' Trumpet 61
16' Swell to Swell
4' Swell to Swell
16' Contra Bass 12
16' Sub Bass 32
10-2/3' Contra Quint 7
8' Principal from Great
8' Bass Flute 5
8' Gemshorn from Swell
4' Fifteenth from Great
4' Flute 12
Piffaro II (4'+2') from Swell
16' Trumpet Bass from Swell
8' Trumpet from Swell
4' Clarion from Swell
8' Great to Pedal
8' Swell to Pedal